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Become an NFT Brand Ambassador Through Incredible NFTEES



Source: Nftplazas / Russell

Throughout the digital world, NFTs adorn social media profiles to flex admission to an exclusive club, while avatars wander the metaverse, the personification of support for a much-loved digital brand. Elsewhere, communities of like minded folk have grown into blossoming ecosystems through the power of the web.

However, real-world displays of unshakeable support for NFTs remains an untapped opportunity, from waving the flag for an under-represented underdog, to the mighty flex of owning a high-flying blue chip NFT. Be it a Bored Ape, a GFC fighter, or even a lackluster Kevin, that NFT ownership can open a window to a personality hidden from view.

So, to take this untapped goldmine into the grandiose non-fungible future, NFTEES has arrived to lead the charge. Through the innate and ground-breaking power of Web3, you too can manage your own physical wearables, represented by 100% cotton memorabilia that shouts from the rooftops where your NFT allegiance lies.

Take Control of Your Own Merchandise

Through NFTEES’ innovative opportunity, owners of non-fungible tokens can transform their intellectual property into a fine physical wearable, all manifested in high quality 100% sustainably resourced cotton of the greatest magnitude.

Each item will include its own immutable digital counterpart, enabling owners to reproduce their own personal merchandise at the click of a button, arriving in style in its own high-quality aluminum storage container.

To get a piece of the action, collectors can connect up their favoured wallet and directly select their treasured non-fungibles, all before adding a huge array of potential embellishments from frames to pop art and text. They can then make that juicy order from anywhere in the world, and collectors can transform their designs into reality by utilizing the grand Web3 arena to accept multiple payments running from crypto through to lowly fiat money.

Coming Soon to a Wardrobe Near You

NFTEES’ alliance with the blockchain will kick off this July with the launch of the official website, arriving in a flurry of bespoke leisurewear perfect for any self-respecting wardrobe. Later down the line, NFTEES will branch out into a myriad of colour options, as well as a wider range of designs to choose from. Sign up now for an early bird 20% discount off the first order!

So, wear that Pudgy Penguin with misguided pride all the way to the latest NFT conference or take to the high street with an exquisite Chicken Derby emblazoned motif. The world is your oyster!

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