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Axie Infinity Players to Now Enjoy Land Staking



Source: Nftplazas / Rory

In wake of relaunching its ETH-RON bridge, Axie Infinity has now announced the release of a Land staking feature in its gaming ecosystem. With the new addition, users can now stake their Land and earn rewards, which, according to Sky Mavis, is not only progress towards achieving intentional decentralisation, but also a step towards delivering an ‘engaging, beautiful, and rewarding’ experience for Land NFT holders in the game. 

Land staking will see 11,194.62 AXS available per day, with the rarity-level of the staked Land determining the precise amount of AXS to be awarded to each player. Users can also stake up to three Land plots per transaction.

According to the company, the launch of Land staking extends the asset’s utilities way beyond their mere resource base for AXS (the game’s governance token) functionalities which were originally set out when first describing the gaming concept. That being said, its taxing set up means that its upfront technical undertakings require deliberate focus and development which can only be rolled out incrementally.

Another heavy emphasis that Sky Mavis has put on the launch is that when any type of gameplay for Land is released that simultaneously supports token rewards, Land staking rewards will then be issued through active gameplay. This will also be the same for Origin, AXS, and any other future experiences of staking.

Overall, the game sees the addition to its Land Experience as a way of further rewarding those who’ve invested in Land plots by allowing them to increase their AXS ownership as a ‘temporary, incremental step toward Project K’s release’. 

Learn more about Axie Infinity Land Staking >> Here

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