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After rejection, NFT Worlds promises to create its own version of the Minecraft game



NFT worlds team plans to include all aspects of blockchain technology to this new edition of the game

Last week, Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that NFT and blockchain technology could no longer be «minted» with the Minecraft blockchain game. The announcement was nothing but bad news for NFT Worlds, trat had spent months building an entire crypto economy on top of a collection of random seeds needed to make Minecraft-specific maps.

The company posted an statement vía Twitter in which describes the importance of NFT Worlds’ contributions to the Minecraft ecosystem and how, essentially, its collection of nearly 200 independent teams and nearly 100,000 players added nothing but positivity, however, the decision was made.

Because of this, the team of developers behind NFT Worlds announced that they will be creating a new version of the popular game that will be «based on many of the core mechanics of Minecraft», but will be completely free of the policy enforcement that Microsoft and Mojang manage over Minecraft.

That’s why NFT Worlds promises its subscribers that its new Minecraft-style game will be built entirely from scratch, now with the modernization and active development that was absent from the beginning.

According to «» the NFT Worlds game will always be free to play, and users will not need a credit card to purchase any additional content. Presumably, that content will be purchased with the NFT Worlds token, whose value has plummeted more than 60 percent in a week after Mojang’s announcement.

For the time being, players who own an NFT World issued by NFT Worlds can still use their random seed to play in Minecraft or even host multiplayer sessions on that map, as confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson.

About NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is an ecosystem of open virtual worlds for creatives, where anything you can imagine is possible. Create games, experiences, locations, concerts, community gatherings and more. Each world is completely your own

NFT Worlds had generated over $75 million in transactions selling tuken they call «world seeds». Like other NFTs, these products are unique and can be bought and sold backed by blockchain. The owner of each can use the seed to create a world using the Minecraft client.

Before the announcement about the restrictions, NFT Worlds were selling for 3 Ethereum, or approximately $4500. But after they decided to ban the game’s blockchain technology, the value of NFTs dropped to 1.4 Ethereum ($2100). Likewise the NFT Worlds crypto token also plummeted in value by about 60 percent.

In this sense, the company together with its developers have launched a strategy to create their own game completely from scratch, in which they will include aspects related to blockchain technology and cryptography, which were blocked by minecraft and was the reason for the fall in value of its token in the NFT market. The company hopes that not only its almost 100,000 thousand subscribers will be maintained, but also that more subscribers can join and experience the new version of the NFT Worlds game.

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